Watch The Show Asia Super Young Ep 2 Eng Sub

Discover the latest excitement with “Asia Super Young Ep 2 Eng Sub“, now available with English subtitles (Eng Sub) on Dive into the world of incredible talents, guided by renowned mentors like Eric Tsang, Cheng Xiao, Zhu Zheng Ting, and Bi Rain. Episode 2 promises a captivating blend of mentorship, dance expertise, and musical insights. Don’t miss a moment of this dynamic entertainment journey as we explore the fascinating journeys of young talents from across Asia. Watch now for an unforgettable experience!

Watch The Show Asia Super Young Ep 2 Eng Sub
Watch The Show Asia Super Young Ep 2 Eng Sub

I. Basic information about the show “Asia Super Young”

“Asia Super Young” is a unique and captivating television program currently airing on TVB Jade and Youku with English subtitles (Eng Sub). Released on November 25, 2023, and still ongoing, the program has garnered attention from audiences across Asia. With each episode lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes, the show is an excellent blend of entertainment and reality.

“Asia Super Young” focuses on bringing together talented and outstanding trainees from various Asian countries. These trainees are carefully selected based on their high entertainment potential and undergo training to excel in three main areas: high-end music, street dance, and rap. Directed by Lục Vi and featuring renowned actors such as Billy Luk, C Kwan, Cheng Xiao, Eric Tsang, Rain, and Zhu Zheng Ting, the program creates a unique and dynamic entertainment space.

In addition to tracking the development and progress of the trainees, audiences can also join in on this journey through the upcoming episodes of “Asia Super Young.” The program promises to deliver unique and exciting entertainment experiences, and with the presence of outstanding trainees, it will continue to change the way we perceive Asian entertainment talent.

Basic information about the show "Asia Super Young"
Basic information about the show “Asia Super Young”

II. Watch the show Asia Super Young ep 2 eng sub


III. Actors and trainees on the show

List of actors and trainees in episode 2:

  • Eric Tsang
  • Cheng Xiao
  • Zhu Zheng Ting (also known as “Ting” or “The8”)
  • Bi Rain (also known as “Rain” or “Jung Ji-hoon”)

Their notable features in this episode:

  • Eric Tsang: Eric Tsang is a famous actor and artist in the entertainment industry, playing a significant role in supporting and guiding the trainees. He can provide valuable advice on their careers and personal development.
  • Cheng Xiao: Cheng Xiao, a former member of the Cosmic Girls (WJSN) girl group, is renowned for her exceptional dancing abilities and striking beauty. In this episode, she might act as a coach or dance instructor, sharing her knowledge and experience with the trainees.
  • Zhu Zheng Ting (The8): Zhu Zheng Ting, also known by the nickname The8, is a member of the boy group SEVENTEEN. With remarkable dancing and artistic aesthetics, he could play a crucial role in training the trainees in street dance.
  • Bi Rain: Bi Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) is a renowned artist in the entertainment industry, with a diverse career including music and acting. His role in this episode might be as a music advisor or involved in developing the contestants in the field of high-end music.
Actors and trainees on the show
Actors and trainees on the show

IV. Broadcast schedule of The Show Asia Super Young Ep 2

The broadcast schedule for Episode 2 of the “Asia Super Young” program on TVB Jade and Youku is not available, and I am unable to provide specific information about airing times for different regions and time zones. Broadcast schedules can vary depending on location and specific time zones.

To find the detailed broadcast schedule for Episode 2 of “Asia Super Young,” you should check the official websites of TVB Jade or Youku or contact the television networks or program producers directly. They will have region-specific information and the most up-to-date schedule details for your area and time zone.

V. Interesting points in episode 2

In Episode 2 of “Asia Super Young,” viewers can eagerly anticipate a wealth of exciting elements that promise to make this installment truly captivating. Eric Tsang, a venerable figure in the entertainment industry, is poised to play a pivotal role by providing the young trainees with invaluable guidance and insights. With his vast experience, his mentorship could significantly influence the trajectories of these aspiring talents, making his interactions with the trainees a highlight to watch.

Furthermore, the episode is likely to feature Cheng Xiao, celebrated for her extraordinary dancing abilities. As a former member of the Cosmic Girls (WJSN) and known for her stunning dance performances, Cheng Xiao may take on the role of a dance coach or instructor. Her presence adds a unique dimension of dance expertise to the mix, promising mesmerizing choreographies and thrilling dance routines.

In addition, Zhu Zheng Ting, famously known as The8 and a member of the popular boy group SEVENTEEN, is expected to shine in the episode. His outstanding street dance skills are likely to take center stage, and his role as a coach or performer could become a fan favorite, delivering breathtaking dance moments.

Moreover, the multi-talented Bi Rain is set to contribute his musical insights and mentorship. With a diverse career spanning music and acting, his involvement could lead to exceptional musical performances and memorable moments for both the trainees and viewers alike.

The interactions and dynamics between these mentors and the trainees are poised to create compelling and emotionally resonant scenes. Episode 2 of “Asia Super Young” promises to offer a fascinating blend of mentorship, talent, and determination, making it an episode that viewers won’t want to miss as it unfolds with exciting surprises and remarkable achievements.

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