Four Arrested in Kerrville Look Who Got Busted

In a groundbreaking development, Kerrville has witnessed its largest drug bust in history, resulting in the arrest of four individuals. brings you an exclusive insight into the unfolding events surrounding the apprehension of Phillip Noah Jimenez, Luis Gallegos, Tristan Hollowell, and D Ann Ayala. The Mini Mart on Ranchero Road served as a focal point for the initial arrests, revealing a disturbing inventory of narcotics and weaponry. A subsequent week-long investigation led law enforcement to a Kerrville Look Who Got Busted, exposing a vast network of illegal activities. Stay tuned as we delve into the details of this unprecedented event, shedding light on the comprehensive efforts to curb criminal enterprises in our community.

Four Arrested in Kerrville Look Who Got Busted
Four Arrested in Kerrville Look Who Got Busted

I. Details of Kerrville Look Who Got Busted the arrest of Phillip Noah Jimenez and Luis Gallegos at Mini Mart

In a pivotal moment during the recent Kerrville drug bust, the arrest of Phillip Noah Jimenez and Luis Gallegos unfolded at the Mini Mart on Ranchero Road, shedding light on the extent of their alleged criminal activities. The apprehension at the convenience store revealed a disturbing inventory of illicit substances and weaponry in their possession.

Upon careful examination of the incident, law enforcement officials executed a meticulously planned operation at the Mini Mart, a location that had become a focal point in the investigation. Phillip Noah Jimenez, 20, and Luis Gallegos, 28, were taken into custody amid an atmosphere of heightened surveillance.

The inventory seized from the suspects at the Mini Mart included approximately 101 grams of Psilocybin mushrooms, three grams of cocaine, one pound of marijuana, and 88 units of LSD. Beyond the narcotics, the authorities discovered a loaded handgun, two rifles, multiple magazines, and ammunition for the weapons. The gravity of the situation was further underscored by the presence of around $5,500 in cash.

This detailed account highlights the meticulous nature of the law enforcement operation and the strategic location chosen for the arrests. The types and quantities of drugs confiscated, coupled with the firepower at the suspects’ disposal, paint a vivid picture of the criminal activities that prompted this significant intervention. The Mini Mart, once a seemingly inconspicuous location, became a crucial scene in the unfolding narrative of Kerrville’s largest drug bust.

Details of the arrest of Phillip Noah Jimenez and Luis Gallegos at Mini Mart
Details of the arrest of Phillip Noah Jimenez and Luis Gallegos at Mini Mart

II. Investigation and Home Arrest: Unveiling a Week-Long Operation

As the Kerrville drug bust unfolded, a week-long investigation led law enforcement to a residential address, culminating in a significant arrest that further exposed the depth of the alleged criminal network. The meticulous nature of this prolonged inquiry underscored the dedication of multiple agencies involved.

The investigation, spanning seven days, finally converged on a residence in Kerrville, prompting law enforcement to execute a search warrant. The targeted home, previously under scrutiny, became a focal point in the pursuit of dismantling illicit activities.

Upon entering the premises, authorities made the arrests of Tristan Hollowell, 20, and D Ann Ayala, 21. The search of the residence yielded a substantial quantity of contraband, amplifying the severity of the charges faced by the suspects. Among the findings were half a kilo of cocaine, approximately 968 grams of THC cartridges, and a staggering 13.88 pounds of marijuana.

The financial aspect of the operation was equally significant, with the discovery of $24,667 in cash. The arsenal found at the residence included three handguns, one rifle, multiple magazines, and additional ammunition, painting a comprehensive picture of the extent of the alleged criminal enterprise.

This phase of the operation not only emphasized the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies but also unveiled the intricate layers of criminal activity that extended beyond individual arrests. The quantities and varieties of substances seized, coupled with the financial and armament discoveries, further underscored the gravity of the situation, solidifying this as the largest multiple drug seizure in Kerr County’s history.

III. The Defendants and Their Alleged Offenses: A Comprehensive Overview

The four individuals apprehended in Kerrville find themselves facing a spectrum of serious charges, emblematic of the extensive criminal enterprise authorities believe they were involved in. The list of accusations against these individuals paints a vivid picture of the illicit activities that prompted their arrests.

  1. Phillip Noah Jimenez (20) and Luis Gallegos (28) at Mini Mart:
    • Possession of approximately 101 grams of Psilocybin mushrooms.
    • Possession of three grams of cocaine.
    • Possession of one pound of marijuana.
    • Possession of 88 units of LSD.
    • Unlawful possession of a loaded handgun.
    • Unlawful possession of two rifles.
    • Unlawful possession of multiple magazines and ammunition.
    • Possession of approximately $5,500 in cash.
  2. Tristan Hollowell (20) and D Ann Ayala (21) at the Kerrville Residence:
    • Possession of half a kilo of cocaine.
    • Possession of approximately 968 grams of THC cartridges.
    • Possession of 13.88 pounds of marijuana.
    • Possession of $24,667 in cash.
    • Unlawful possession of three handguns.
    • Unlawful possession of one rifle.
    • Unlawful possession of multiple magazines and ammunition.

The charges against these individuals span a wide range, encompassing drug possession, distribution, and illegal firearm possession. The alleged involvement in the production and distribution of controlled substances, coupled with the possession of firearms, indicates a multifaceted criminal operation that law enforcement is actively seeking to dismantle. The legal consequences for the defendants are likely to be severe, reflecting the gravity of the charges they are currently facing.

IV. Total Street Value of Drug Seizure: Signifying the Extent of the Operation

The culmination of the Kerrville drug bust is underscored by the substantial street value of the illicit substances seized from the arrested individuals. This figure serves as a stark indicator of the scale and impact of the alleged drug operation, further solidifying the gravity of the charges laid against the defendants.

The estimated street value of the confiscated drugs, combining the substances seized both at the Mini Mart and the Kerrville residence, is approximately $150,000. This staggering sum reflects not only the diversity of narcotics involved—ranging from Psilocybin mushrooms and cocaine to marijuana and LSD—but also emphasizes the significant market presence these individuals allegedly maintained.

Law enforcement’s ability to disrupt an operation of this magnitude, both in terms of the variety and volume of drugs seized, highlights the dedication and coordination of the agencies involved in the week-long investigation. The calculated street value offers insights into the broader implications of the alleged criminal network, illustrating its potential impact on the community and the region at large.

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