Punjab Police lady viral Video

A controversial video recently went viral showing a young woman shooting Instagram reels on the bonnet of a Punjab Police lady viral Video .The Punjab Police lady seen indulging in this improper use of official resources has sparked tremendous outrage across social media. The viral video shows the woman posing and dancing atop a Punjab Police jeep in Jalandhar as a uniformed official, identified as the station house officer (SHO), stands by. This shocking incident has left the reputed Punjab Police red-faced and scrambling to take action amidst the damaging social media frenzy. The brazen misuse of government property and lack of discipline exhibited has tarnished the image of the entire department.

Punjab Police lady viral Video
Punjab Police lady viral Video

This viral Punjab Police lady video encapsulates the urgent need for reforming social media conduct among police personnel. The ensuing backlash and strong disciplinary proceedings against the SHO demonstrate that such irresponsible online behavior shall no longer be tolerated. This controversy underscores the lesson that officials must be mindful of not letting their social media activities embarrass the organization’s reputation. As the Punjab Police initiates tighter norms for social media usage after this row, it sends a message that maintaining the honor and dignity of the uniform comes before online popularity. The viral video may have caused temporary damage, but the right response can help the force emerge stronger and more professional. Following chembaovn.com !

I. What happend in Video Punjab Police lady ?

A video recently went viral on social media showing a Punjab Police lady officer apparently allowing an influencer to shoot Instagram reels using the official police vehicle. This has sparked outrage and backlash, prompting the Punjab Police to launch an inquiry against the officials involved.

The viral Punjab Police lady video has brought to light concerns over responsible use of social media by government officials and the need for clear social media policies. This article takes an in-depth look at the details surrounding this controversial video, the backlash faced, the disciplinary action taken, and the lessons that can be learnt from this incident.

II. Details of the Viral Punjab Police Lady

The video in question shows a young woman posing and filming Instagram reels on the bonnet of a Punjab Police vehicle in Jalandhar. A man wearing a police uniform, identified as the station house officer (SHO) Ashok Kumar, is also seen with the woman towards the end of the clip.

The woman in the viral Punjab Police lady video is a social media influencer who goes by the name Gitika Srivastava on Instagram where she has over 95,000 followers. She often posts fashion and lifestyle content.

According to details that have emerged so far, the influencer was filming these dance videos on the police vehicle to create content for her social media handles. SHO Ashok Kumar had reportedly allowed her to use the official Punjab Police vehicle for this recreational purpose.

The influencer, police officials involved, and Punjab Police have faced criticism for misuse of government property and tarnishing the reputation of the department through this irresponsible social media activity.

III. Backlash and Inquiry Over Punjab Police Lady Video

As soon as the video went viral across social media platforms, Punjab Police were prompt in taking note and initiating action. Strong backlash was witnessed online against the police officials involved in the controversy.

Many social media users called out the misuse of official resources and demanded strong disciplinary action. Some also raised concerns over the reputation of the Punjab Police being tarnished due to such videos going viral.

Taking cognizance of the video, the Punjab Police ordered an inquiry against SHO Ashok Kumar. He was issued a summons to explain his actions and the improper use of the official police vehicle seen in the viral video.

The influencer who had shot the video also posted an apology on her social media handles. She claimed it was done innocently for fun and she did not expect it to become such a big controversy. However, the backlash continued online.

IV. Disciplinary Proceedings Over Viral Punjab Police Lady Video

As per latest updates on the disciplinary proceedings over the viral video row, SHO Ashok Kumar has been questioned by senior Punjab Police officials. He is facing allegations of improperly allowing the official police vehicle to be used for a non-official and recreational purpose.

The officials are examining his role and complicity in shooting the viral video. After his explanation, the SHO could face charges for violation of services rules and misuse of government resources.

Departmental action as per Punjab Police procedures may be initiated against him. This could include penalties like salary cuts, demotion, or even suspension from service depending on the findings of the ongoing inquiry.

The influencer seen dancing on the police vehicle may also face charges for unauthorized use of government property and causing disrepute to the department. However, no direct action has been announced against her yet.

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